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4 Small driftwood signs

Artist Name: Artist--ol'Roff Graves (Given Away before 2017)

Price: Given to various people

Off to hunt for Gidget. I have written about her before. I am going to show you four signs I just completed. One is for Gidget. Hopefully I can find her in time for Christmas. I will have one other to give away . Two are spoken for. Please note these are pieces of driftwood from Lake Ontario. It takes at least three or four days to complete a sign. Each sign has 3 or 4 coats of 1-Shot Enamel paint. Weather will not affact the paint--should last for years, inside or out.--I love making and giving the signs. Hopefully I can spread them through Lodi. With each sign going to the homeless there will be an envelope with some cash inside. The envelope will be taped to the sign.--ol'Roff