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Savannah Late 1990s

Artist Name: Artist--ol'Roff Graves (Given Away before 2017)

Price: Donated to FASA

We were in Savannah a few years ago attending the American Folk Art Society Conference, It was hotter than--hot! Arleney was napping in the motel so I decided to go cool off in a bar. I walked a ways and went into this little bar. There was this unforgettably barmaid. I swore if I could paint I'd try to paint her image . Well I am doing just that. Arleney took one look and told me "You are not going to post that!" So I just don't know how I am going to get away with it. It is risqué but I obviously will have to cover that. It is truly like her--wish I could remember her name---perhaps I will call the painting "One drink didn't work, perhaps two".--- We loved Savannah!----by ol'Roff