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Early Black Glass_Sheered top

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This bottle was found by William Moore in the Mattaponi River just down stream from the MattaponiI Indian reservation and just up stream from Wakema. Watema was the ferry landing on the south side of the river in colonial times. There was a shipyard on the north side of the river that was the other end of the ferry route. The bottle was found in 2010.----------In the early 1700's there was not much for a sailor setting at a dock waiting for the ship to sail other than smoke and drink. and if the cork could not be gotten out or pushed into the bottle, he removed it with his saber. After the bottle was emptied, it was tossed overboard. This bottle is a prime example of just such an event it is a bottle that had the top chopped off with a saber and it has been stored in Davy Jones Locker for the last 275 years. There is a faint trace of the string still on the neck of the bottle which is 5 & 3/8 inches high and the bottle is 6 & 1/2 inches wide