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Snake Weathervane?Whirligig

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Here is a unusual antique vintage folk art carved wood snake that appears to have been used as a weathervane directional or on some type of whirligig but I have no way to know for certain what it was made for, there is a 3/8 drilled hole section about midway reinforced with a steel strap piece that looks like a rod would go through and has a large round hole also near the center that is also painted inside for reasons unknown to me and measures head to tail about 27-1/4 long x 1 thick, it has been suggested the piece was originally never painted and that the paint had been added at some later point in time but the paint doesn't look like any recent addition and exhibits a fair amount of natural patina, the eyes are some type of tacks but do not match one another and one appears to be brass, there is a another steel enforced piece towards the head area but there doesn't appear to have any repaired breaks, there is some wood wear and loss on one side but nothing that would effect the piece overall and just gives the piece more folk art appeal to me anyway, judging from the steel and wood surface it appears the piece may have been made for outside use and exhibits a decent patina, it was suggested it could have also been a piece to a carnival game or similar use but overall it looks great and sits perfect on it's side for display, acquired from a central Indiana estate in Carroll County, Indiana.