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Rooster W/V from a Quebec Barn

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gorgeous vintage weathervane. Double sided, made of painted tin, and has steel base & rod. Nice rooster, gorgeous colors, great primitive look! Guaranteed old, not a repro. Square nuts mount. I would say it dates from the 1940s. I found it in an old barn in rural central Quebec. Those were typically seen on many Quebec farm roofs many years ago. Most of them were hand made, people could not afford the "fancier" manufactured ones. We don't see them anymore. I think this survivor was removed from the roof many years ago. There was a huge pile of junk on it, and it was so dirty. For some reason, it may have been exposed to the elements on one side more than the other. Maybe the rod was jammed and not rotating for years, or it was sitting against a wall for very long. You can see the paint is flaked and dry on one side, and "cleaner looking" on the other. Anyway, this hand-made piece of art is unique and was probably made by the farmer himself. The rooster measures about 21" long by 13½" (at tallest points). With the rod it is 18" at its longer point. When it is on the wood base, it is 19¾" tall. As you can see, the legs are missing. Probably gone years ago too.