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Early Mallott bottle from Colonial America

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American Colonial English Wine Mallet bottle found in Colonial town site in VA. This was near the Yorktown area where Washington and Rochambeau's troops stayed while moving towards confronting Cornwallis. This item dates 1730s according to Hume's History of Colonial Artifacts. It was found with other datable items such as shoe buckles, clay pipes, buttons and assorted ceramics. Own a piece of history that is approximately three hundred years old. This item was excavated on private property with permission from the landowner on the bank of the river in front of the colonial home site. In that area many period items were located such as period shards, shoe buckles, pewter spoons , buttons and dated coins ranging from 1650 to 1740s. This item is in wonderful condition with no cracks , birdeyes nor blemishes. . The bottle is solid and in excellent condition especially considering it is hundreds of years old . . Own a piece of history that goes back quite some time. This item measures approximately 7.25 inches high and 5. 5" wide. The pictures show a complete rotation with pictures taken every quarter so the whole bottle can be examined. This is a Excellent piece of history!