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From the Association--sank in 1707

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In 1707 the English battleship "Association" was sunk.--Legend has it that on the fateful night of October 22, Sir Clowdisley was repeatedly warned by his fellow officers that his judgement of the ships´ longitudinal position was incorrect. One account even claims that Sir Clowdisley ignored the advice of a seaman with knowledge of the Isles of Scilly who asserted that the fleet must be several miles off course because he co uld distinctly detect burning kelp in the air - a smell which was at the time so synonymous with the archipelago. The vessel smashed into the Gilstone Rocks, Isles of Scilly and sank. Like HMS Association, Firebrand also smashed into the Gilstone, but unlike the unfortunate flagship she was lifted off by a huge wave. Crippled and leaking, her commanding officer, Captain Francis Piercy, was guided by St Agnes´s blazing light - at the time the only such warning in all of Scilly. Another account states that the seaman was hanged for mutiny for trying to warn the Captain This bottle has stong provenance that it was discovered from that ship.